Monday, February 09, 2009

Meet Biscuit!!!

We've been thinking of getting another dog for about a month now. I started looking at bassett hounds, had made an attempt to adopt one and never heard back for the group that I was wanting to adopt from. Adam's father-in-law, John, recues dogs and he had two bassetts at his house. He told us we could come and look at "Big'N." When we got there we LOVED him so we brought him home with us. It was odd calling him Big'N so John Michael decided to change his name to Biscuit... because his paws are as big as biscuits! :) So now we are the proud owners of a 60lbs bassett hound, Biscuit!
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Playing with Biscuit

Adam and Jessica came over to visit Biscuit... JMP had to have a picture of everyone with Biscuit! :)

Imagination Movers

On Saturday, Michael took John Michael down to the Alabama Theatre to see the Imagination Movers. John Michael watches the Disney Channel all the time so it was awesome that he got to see the Movers live.

Walking Around Birmingham

So I've been talking to Michael about how much I would like to take John Michael down to Morris Ave and have his picture made. So after Imagination Movers Michael took JMP for a mini photo shoot... and the battery died!!! He got a few GREAT shots though.

Jump Rope for Heart

John Michael did a great job during his Jump Rope for Heart. He raised $50! Here are some pictures of the fun John Michael had jumping with his teachers and friends.
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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Good Citizen for December

John Michael was honored as Good Citizen in his class for the month of December. He received a certificate and a medal from the Principal , Ms. Hendrix and the Vice Principal, Mr. Henderson. Also for the month of January he received a special prize each Tuesday. We are so proud of our little man!!
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Ready to Go in My Camo

John Michael LOVES going to the Bass Pro Shop. This is the outfit his Nana got for him on trip out there. He's already told Jason he's ready for his hunting trip! :)

Spending Time with Sam and Claire

Sam and Claire came over on a Saturday to spend some time with John Michael. They had fun playing some music together and playing down in the basement.

Happy New Year from All of Us!!

Our entire family went to mom and dad's house to ring in the new year. We had some visitors, all the boys came over to ring in the new year with a few fireworks.
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Our family always loves any reason to shoot fireworks.... and that is exactly what we did on New Year's.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mimi and Pop's House

We finished up our Christmas day with presents and lunch at Mimi and Pop's house.

The Christmas Morning Madness

For us, Christmas morning was PERFECT!! The grandparents and aunts/ uncles showed up at 7:30. Right after that we went and woke John Michael up to come and see what Santa brought him. The whole family was here to watch him open his gifts. We ate breakfast together and watched him play. My grandparents even came up from the river to see what Santa had brought. We really enjoyed this awesome time with our family.
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Cookies for Santa

Mommy heard on t.v. that Santa really enjoys brownies and Moutain Dew... or so that is what I told John Michael. So we prepared a couple of chocolate chip cookies, a brownie and a Mnt. Dew for Santa. He only left us some crumbs!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at Nana and Big Daddy's

We went to church for the Lord's supper service and then on to Nana and Big Daddy's house for Christmas Eve.
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Who Needs Santa... I have Aunts and Uncles!

When it comes to Mommy's side of the family, John Michael is definitely spoiled rotten. He was covered up with presents on Christmas Eve... Santa really could have skipped over us and we would have never noticed.

Christmas at the Stevens'

We started off the week on Monday with Christmas at my grandparents house. John Michael and Skyler always love being the center of attention down there. We got my grandparents a throw with an awesome picture of all the grandkids, their spouses and the two little ones on it. They loved it!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch at Allison Bonnett Ballpark

Nana and Mommy took John Michael and Ryan to the Pumpkin Patch hosted by the Allison Bonnett Ballpark. The boys had a great time going from one thing to the next spending their tickets.

We Had a Blast

John Michael and Ryan had a blast spending all of their tickets at the pumpkin patch.
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Roll Tide!!

This kind of makes Mommy sad... she so wishes these colors where orange and blue instead. Oh well, whatever pays the tuition! :)

Our Future Football Star

Daddy worked with John Michael on his football moves; future moves that he can use when he ends up playing for the Tide one day.

Swinging in the Backyard

We took a break from all of the football for a little swing on the swing set.

Auburn vs. LSU

We went down to the plains for AU vs. LSU. We met up with Brad and Alison a little while before we went into the end of the stadium.